The DOT Drug Program Manager Training is a live webinar training session created and presented by O.M. Management, Inc.

This training session is designed for Designated Employee Representatives and other supporting staff and focuses on DOT Drug and Alcohol testing regulations 49 CFR Part 40.   

O.M. Management's DOT Drug Program Manager Training is an all encompassing, 2 hour training session giving participants the training, materials, and information needed to successfully manage and administer a company's mandated DOT drug testing program. 


OM Management's DOT Drug Program Manager Training is applicable to all companies that fall under one or more DOT agencies. 


The 2 hour training session includes:  

    • A simplified and concise explanation of the relevant DOT Drug & Alcohol regulations. 
    • DOT drug program manuals and posters.
    • An explanation of different job responsibilities and/or positions to aid in identifying which employees  are or are not in a covered position. (a position covered by DOT regulations)
    • An explanation of the DOT pre-employment process.
    • A walk through of the required documentation for employees.  
    • Defining the random process and how to best manage it to remain compliant. 
    • Employee training materials.
    • Materials for Reasonable Suspicion Supervisor training.  
    • Direction and guidance as to when to test and when not to test.
    • How to handle the post-accident process, step by step.
    • Navigating the FMCSA Clearinghouse.  ( FMCSA regulated companies only )
    • Best practices and the necessary steps to prepare a DOT Audit book.


If you are interested in speaking to us regarding this or other trainings we offer or are interested in having OM work with you in the management and administration of your program, please contact us for more information.